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HR Tampa Expo Agenda

Pre-Conference Webinar (Tuesday, October 20 @ Noon Eastern):

Engaging the “Always Connected” Generation

1.0 Strategic/Business Credit; 1.0 PDC Credit



Leslie Laney, Director of Marketing & Social Media, A Media Marketing


Engagement doesn't come from conducting a survey or reading a report.  It's an ongoing process, and it often takes place in everyday exchanges."  By 2025 we will have histories 1st A/C Generation as the majority of the workforce.  A/C Generation stands for "Always Connected" and are made up of Millennials and Gen Y.  Employers will need to rethink existing strategies of engagement in order to communicate effectively with this group. Incorporating multimedia into corporate communications is no longer a "nice to have" feature but an expectation of your audience.  80% of enterprise change transformation programs fail typically due to lack of engagement.  Use social media as a "Change Agent" to drive new programs and corporate culture.  Incorporating social media into your organization cannot be a "typical" program.  It must have commitment and dedication by a team of individuals and a well thought out implementation strategy of a minimum of 12 months for it to begin growing roots within the organization.


Learning Objectives:

  • How social media can be used to drive deeper engagement
  • How using social media can drive engagement that promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Ways to overcome hurdles to implementation and gain organizational buy-in
  • Tactics and strategies to successfully leverage and measure social media effectiveness 5. Creating an implementation plan with built in milestones to measure effectiveness of the program


Wake-Up Session:

Legislative Update

Credit Pending



William E. Grob, Attorney, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

Ignacio J. Garcia, Attorney, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.


This presentation will utilize movie scenes to exemplify different types of problematic employment activities such as harassment, FMLA leave, FLSA issues, discrimination, unionization and retaliation.  This presentation will also incorporate movie scenes to discuss how to avoid such claims or address them.



Morning Keynote:

Brand Name HR: Giving Your Function Life and Purpose!!

1.25 Strategic/Business Credits; 1.25 PDC Credits



Steve Browne, Executive Director of HR, LaRosa’s, Inc.


HR has a "brand" which it can develop, utilize and leverage within organizations. This is needed so that HR will function in a business capacity as a partner in helping the Company grow, evolve and succeed. Having a defined brand will also allow for the integration of Human Resources throughout all levels of an organization.


Key learning objectives or key ‘take-aways’ for the presentation:


  1. Transitioning from "Soft Skills" to "Relevant Skills" - The first step in establishing the HR Brand is to position ourselves in a new way where we show the business skills we bring to our role and the organization.
  2. Developing and Defining Your HR Brand - This will look at how HR is currently viewed by Senior Management in attendees’ organizations and then see how/why it should shift to a Branded position.
  3. Making Your Brand Come to Life - These are takeaways that attendees will create during the workshop on setting the steps of making their brand move from design to action.
  4. Integrating your Brand with the Company Brand - Attendees will learn how they can make the HR/Employment Brand support and promote the overall brand of their organization. 


Three core areas that are addressed in this presentation include:


  1. Being a Businessperson who practices HR - attendees will learn to make the jump to having a "business first" approach.
  2. Working from Strengths - attendees will learn how to shift from a compliance mindset to a new approach that highlights employee strengths.
  3. Sustainable HR and Culture - attendees will learn how to keep HR moving on a continuum and no longer have a start/stop approach. 



Break Out Session:

Rowing in the Same Direction: How to Ignite Enterprise-Wide Change in a My-Way World

1.0 Strategic/Business Credit; 1.0 PDC Credit



Carla R. Messer, Chief Results Officer, BestWork

The phrase “the only thing constant is change” has become cliché as we now live in a work world immersed in new technology, new partnerships, new regulations, and ever-transitioning leaders.  The list of external and internal changes impacting the business environment continues to increase yet leaders struggle at every level to implement change and drive innovation across business units, geographic locations, and worker “styles.” 

This session reframes a proven change model for today’s work-force and includes strategies for identifying change agents within your organization as well as fresh approaches for implementing change effectively enterprise-wide.

Participants will:

  • Examine pitfalls of change management and driving innovation
  • Explore a proven change model updated for today’s workforce
  • Analyze their own change / innovation practices for gaps
  • Review behavioral indicators for change agents to drive the process
  • Discover strategic best-practices for implementing wide-spread change initiatives



Break Out Session:

You’re Hired! Now What? Your Guide to Innovative Onboarding Solutions

1.0 General Credit; 1.0 PDC Credit



Jennifer Currence, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, OnCore Management Solutions, LLC


Business is now familiar with the buzzword "Onboarding." But how do you do it? This session will provide tips that one practitioner used to successfully create a best-in-class onboarding system. Attendees will learn how to build a business case for onboarding, what the three phases are and how to create them, and how to get the entire company involved for maximum return on investment.


Attendees will learn the following tips to create or revamp their company's onboarding program:

  • The bottom line of onboarding
  • The three segments of successful onboarding
  • How to incorporate the plan so the whole company benefits



Break Out Session:

Upping Your HR Business Value with a Strengths-Based Approach to Leadership

1.0 General Credit; 1.0 PDC Credit


Lynne Burke

Coach and Workshop Leader


What is strength?  Why are strengths important?  Do the people in your organization have the chance to play to their strengths every day? Employees and leaders of all levels in an organization can be lastingly successful by using a strengths-based approach to managing their careers and leading their teams, including the role of HR in championing and achieving this.  Create your personal strengths action plan.  Use this approach to successfully advance from HR Operations Manager to HR Business Partner role.



Lunch Keynote:

Leveraging Strategic Leadership Power in the Sharing Economy

1.25 Strategic/Business Credits; 1.25 PDC Credits



Charles Dassance, MS, Force Master Chief, USN Retired, Curriculum Developer and Instructor, PWR University


Today’s sharing economy offers tremendous opportunities for increased performance, production and profits. However, to capitalize, organizations are challenged to tap rarely used energy sources that require a paradigm shift in their strategy, operational and tactical approaches. While this is not an easy shift, organizations embracing this shift and tapping new energy sources are the ones who disrupt the status quo. The HR Professional has a unique position, perspective and responsibility to influence that power shift at the strategic level, influencing the vision, operations, policies and procedures.  Understanding how to best leverage that leadership power will be the measure of their success and possibly the tipping point for the organization.


Upon completion of the presentation, HR professionals will be able to:

  • Assess the strategic opportunities available to organizations in the Sharing Economy
  • Articulate the Implications of making this Power Shift in the Strategy of the Organization
  • Employ 4 Critical Components to Leverage Maximum Power by Integrating Veterans into Your Organization



Break Out Session:

Conflict Resolution & De-escalation Skills

1.0 General Credit; 1.0 PDC Credit



Tom Mueller, Education & Prevention Manager, Crisis Center of Tampa Bay


The proactive approach of making conflict constructive can result in better solutions and improved relationships.  Using this approach requires awareness of the stages of conflict escalation and collaborative strategies for problem solving.  Tools described for managing conflict include using a position & interest chart, cooperative resolution steps and integrative solutions.  De-escalation techniques explored include the STAMP warning signs of potential violence and the LEAPS communication style to calm agitated people.  Along with verbal and non-verbal techniques, the physical space is also considered to help ensure workplace safety.  With these tools everyone can feel more confident about turning conflict into constructive collaboration.  The core areas that this presentation addresses are communication, conflict, and safety.



Break Out Session:

Branding and Social Media – A Strategic Approach to Talent Acquisition

1.0 General Credit; 1.0 PDC Credit



Robin Quale, Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor/Recruiter, Malwarebytes

Jenni Stone, PHR, SHRM-CP, HR Director, HR Shield


Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”- Jim Collins, Good to Great


Not that long ago, talent acquisition was referred to as the recruiting department – with no more responsibility than reviewing resumes, screening candidates, and organizing candidate interviews. The phrase “talent acquisition” is now mainstream and widely accepted by companies of all sizes. Now you and your organization, your employee brand ambassadors, have a story to tell, one that draws people to your organization now, and in the future, so what’s YOUR STORY? This presentation will identify how individual communication impacts the brand, how brands communicate and what it all means for recruiting and employer branding. This session will demonstrate how to utilize the best search engines and sourcing tools available today to find biographical information as well as lists of names of top talent on the web. We will explore a variety of search tools as well as essential techniques for leveraging social media sites to attract and locate the candidates that you need to fill your toughest requisitions. There is a broad end-to-end focus needed; one which stretches from building a strategic employment brand, through sourcing and recruiting, all the way to onboarding top people.


Three core areas that this presentation addresses:


1)      The importance of employer branding and how to leverage it.

2)      Techniques for leveraging social media sites to attract and locate candidates both passive and actively seeking.

3)      Defining metrics and analyzing results that help to strategically create an organizational recruiting culture.


Key Takeaways: • Planning and Strategizing • Segmenting the Workforce • Creating, Validating and Maintaining an Employment Brand • Managing and Cultivating Candidate Relationships • Defining Metrics and Conducting Analysis • Creating an Organizational Recruiting Culture



Break Out Session:

From Comfort to Challenge: A Worthy Journey

1.0 General Credit; 1.0 PDC Credit



Karla Leavelle, COO, Clarity Services, Inc.


This presentation will discuss the challenges and successes of a human resource professional's journey from working for companies to starting a consulting firm after 25 years as an HR executive and how that path led to my current role as a Chief Operating Officer for a financial services firm.  This presentation includes the challenges/anxieties of moving out of one’s comfort zone; believing in what you sell or do doesn’t bring you customers (pay the bills); and going from an expert to not an expert, one needs humility for success.


Afternoon Keynote:

Be the Spark: Igniting a more positive work environment for better results and a more cohesive team

Credits pending


John Quintana

Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach – John Maxwell Team

Quintana International


Connecting increases your influence in every situation.  Connecting is all about others.  Connecting goes beyond words.  All communication has 3 components.  You must have all 3 components to create a connection.  Connectors live what they communicate.  Today’s Goal…to create a catalyst between what you have learned in the conference and help you effectively connect with your teammates.


Core areas that will be discussed:

  • Why Be the Spark? (the case for being the catalyst)
  • Finding common ground
  • “3S Strategy”
  • Make a commitment to continually inspire others



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