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Write for the HR Tampa Newsletter! Publication Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in writing for the HR Tampa Newsletter. While we cannot promise publication, we are always happy to receive potential articles. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions.


Do you pay for articles?

No. It is important writers understand that they are NOT paid for their articles. We appreciate that you are willing to share your expertise and experience with the hundreds of professionals that make up HR Tampa and we hope that your affiliation with us helps you in many ways. By submitting an article for possible publication, the writer is granting HR Tampa the right to publish the article in the HR Tampa Newsletter. The editor may make changes to the submitted article including but not limited to correction of misspellings and grammar errors, rewording, clarification, and condensing.  


NOTE: We do not publish articles for which another publication has a copyright. By submitting an article for publication, the writer is representing to HR Tampa that he/she is the sole owner of the article and is, therefore, in a legal position to grant HR Tampa the right to publish it. Should another organization obtain a copyright on a submitted article after it has been submitted to HR Tampa, it is incumbent upon the writer to notify HR Tampa immediately.


Are there other avenues for publication with HR Tampa?

Yes. If your article is not selected for publication in the HR Tampa Newsletter, it may be an appropriate candidate for an email alert or other membership communication. The editor of the newsletter may approach you about this possibility if appropriate.


Do you have themes for specific issues?

Although we occasionally may designate a certain issue to have a theme and then solicit for that theme, usually a theme arises naturally from articles we select. We would rather have well-written, timely, well-researched articles of top-rate quality than a mixture of uneven articles that merely have a common theme. Therefore, if you feel you have a topic that would be interesting and helpful, please send it.


What kind of articles do you want and how long should they be?

Please remember that we are limited in space. If your article is not selected or is delayed to a later issue, do not take that as a criticism of your article. When you consider advertisement space and internal information we need to distribute to our HR members, it leaves a limited amount of room for articles. As you consider what you wish to send us, it may help you to remember these general guidelines about each issue:


We publish legal update and advice articles that are relevant to our membership. These are short (500 words) articles that address a specific HR topic, need, challenge, or concern. Articles should be of sound research, professional caliber, and backed up with metrics and/or references to acknowledged, credible sources. Personal opinions should be kept to a minimum. Please remember that the articles are NOT intended to be advertisements.


In what format should I write?

Please send articles in WORD. Keep things simple with as little formatting as possible.


What other than my article do I send?

Please send a high resolution photo of yourself and a brief (2-3 sentence bio).


What are the submission deadlines?

Deadline for submission is the 15th of the month for the following month’s newsletter. Please realize that we push our submission dates as late as we can to ensure we receive timely articles. Therefore, there is not much time between the submission deadline and the date the editor must have the newsletter ready for publication. Because of this short turn-around, it is essential you meet the submission deadlines. Thank you for your understanding.


Will I be informed if my article is chosen for publication?

Yes. It is the intention of the editor to send you a congratulatory e-mail alerting you that your article was chosen and when your article will be published. You will NOT necessarily receive any notification that your article was NOT selected. Please do not hesitate to contact the editor if you have further questions.


How do I submit?

Send submissions and any questions to:


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